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Who Is Em-One?

Em-One is a UK based electronic music composer with a mind for melodies, a craving for chords and a ravenousness for rhythm.

His use of genres are broad but can be likened to an infusion of Trip Hop and Downtempo with an 80s Synthpop twist.
What can I say? It's Em-One

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Em-One does not yet have any albums or merchandise for your purchasing pleasure, however, if you would still like to support Em-One so that he can produce albums and merchandise, then feel free to click the button below!

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Hire Em-One?

Want to have Em-One compose music for your business, event or personal use?

You can do so by visiting Em-One's very own composing site: Liquid Lacuna

Liquid Lacuna was built to make the process of finding music easier. Instead of trawling through comercial music libraries for music that might suit your needs, Em-One will compose a brand new and bespoke piece of music for you. Best of all, it's royalty free! Just one payment covers any licensing issues.

Liquid Lacuna