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The story of Em-One so far...

Em-One is a UK based electronic music composer with a mind for melodies, a craving for chords and a ravenousness for rhythm.

Since picking up his first sampling keyboard at a very early age, Em-One quickly found his fondness for the creation of sound and music. He was also rather inquisitive and curious about technology at that age as he would often be seen taking apart toys to find out how they made their sounds. No matter how many times he got told off for taking apart his toys, he still did. That probably goes a long way in determining how Em-One became very experimental and technically minded.

The real passion for composing didn't start until he got his hands on a first gen Sony PlayStation around the late 90s with a "game" called 'Music'. This game was surprisingly quite advanced and full featured considering it was being played on a games console. About a year later he immediately stepped up to the next version, 'Music 2000' as soon as he could. With this new power and ability, he created about 4 albums worth of music. Though these songs were unreleased, Em-One still has copies of every single one, playing them every now and then whevener he wants to cringe.

This brings us to the name. The songs back then were created under the alias of 'M1' but that quickly expanded to 'M-One' as he thought it "looked nicer". It wasn't until years later, around 2012 when he finally decided to add the 'E' to the beginning of his alias, making the name we all know today. It was a conscious decision as an attempt to be more searchable on the internet as many companies and products were using the name too. The 'Em' now also relates to his love of graphic design and typography as it is a technical term for the width of the letter 'M' used when measuring the scale of a typeface. You may see "Width Of Em" floating around in areas such as this web site's domain name and Em-One's youtube user name. Em-One uses this alias when other web sites and services dismiss the use of hyphens. Em-One is very particular about the spelling and use of hyphen in his name and has done for ages.

Growing up, Em-One got introduced to a plethora of 80s pop and synthpop thanks to his parents, then his tastes emerged throughout the years. Trance in the early 90s, Indie rock in the late 90s. Then in the early 2000s, his music teacher at the time said something to him that would stick with him for ages, that was "You should listen to as many different genres of music as possible, broaden your scope". Em-One spent the next few years listening to more and more different styles of music and drew inspiration from the songs that sounded interesting to him. Though his current listening habits are still very eclectic, he found himself settling and listening to trip hop and downtempo electronica most often.

There are quite a few inspirations that were introduced early on that could be seen as anomalies to Em-One's listening patterns. Electric Light Orchestra being one of these inspirations is what Em-One would like to think of as a massive influence to Em-One's sound. He had always admired Jeff Lynne's production work, even before he knew what the term "production" meant. His growing collection of ELO vinyls are constantly being played. Another huge influence was Mike Oldfield. Young Em-One wanted to be Mike Oldfield and so as well as playing keyboard, he started to learn guitar and flute too, making steps towards learning to play as many instruments as he could. To date, Em-One can (modestly) only play a handful of instruments competently, but he still has that dream in his mind and slowly collects various instruments when he can.

Professionally, Em-One has composed for many animators, singers and YouTubers as well as event organisers, film makers and game developers and continues to do so under his composing business 'Liquid Lacuna'. He does this alongside his elvolving solo music career. Em-One is currently working on his debut solo album and will release it as soon as he hits 25,000 subscribers on YouTube.

This is where the story ends for now. Who knows what the future has in store for Em-One? All we know is, he has no intention of stopping any time soon!