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Why Support Em-One?

A Message From Em-One

"It's no lie that money makes the world go 'round. For me, it gives the chance to create more music for those who enjoy it, the chance to spend more time communicating with fans, and a chance to reach new listeners so more people can enjoy my music. Of course I'm not just doing it for others. Supporting me also gives me a chance to achieve my live perfomance goals, experiment and play with new instruments and equipment, and also to be happier doing what I do.

People always say that time equals money. In my case its probably more apt saying it the other way around. Money equals time and the more support I get from you guys, the more time I get to spend creating new music and content for you. As I find myself each day eagerly trying to get away from the regular 9-5 and become full time composer, there's only one thing stopping me.

So, I hope that I've said everything as clean cut as possible, and that you know that your support will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or queries about this, feel free to email

- Em-One

P.S. I will be adding a perks and tiers system later so that certain supporters will get little treats as a small thank you for their contribution, and then eventually a store to buy music, albums and merchandise. Until then, cheers!"